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Terence Bay, NS  Lighthouse accessible by car and a short, easy walk.   

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Terence Bay Lighthouse

The first light on Shipley Head, a lantern hoisted up a mast, was established in 1885. The present tower replaced the mast light in 1903 and was built using day labor at a cost of $471.

The final keeper of Terence Bay Lighthouse was Hezron Jollymore, who received his appointment on February 18, 1942. The light atop the tower was electrified in 1952, but Jollymore was still kept on as keeper until the light was fully automated in 1957. Jollymore was then retained as "caretaker" of the light for another decade though at a much reduced annual salary of just $40.

In poor condition, the lantern room was removed from the lighthouse around 1980. In 2011, residents of Terence Bay, backed by the Halifax Regional Council, declared their desire to assume control of their lighthouse, which has been placed on Canadian Coast Guard's surplus list. Michelle Forrest, a member of the local committee developing a plan to take over the lighthouse, thinks the upkeep won't be too difficult. “The maintenance part of it is probably not going to be that terribly expensive year by year,” Forrest said, “but what we would like to do is put the original top back on the lighthouse. They took the original tops off many of these lighthouses.” The local group also needs to secure the right-of-way to the lighthouse to preserve access to a small beach and walking trails in the area.

The Terrence Bay Lighthouse Committee was granted ownership of the lighthouse in 2016. After announcing the news, Committee President Laszlo Bone noted, “We had a lot of difficulties with access. One of the conditions receiving the lighthouse ownership is that we build a pathway over a certain marsh,”


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